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What do i do if my 7 month old daughter wakes up freaking out and crying every time she sleeps?

  • K
    Mar 14

    Comfort her, then try to figure out why this behavior began. A lot of people would tell you to have her cry it out or sleep train in some way, but if it’s pain, she needs you. Think about when she started to do this, were there any changes? Is it only at night? It could be as simple as separation anxiety or teething. Or maybe an ear infection. Until you figure out a possible cause make sure you stick to her bedtime routine, keep the room comfortable, try a noise machine and hold her if it’s what’s best for both of you. This will pass...eventually!😴

  • Andrea
    Mar 14

    How is she falling asleep? Possibly a sleep association?(nursing to sleep, rocked to sleep, falls asleep in your arms but wakes in a crib, etc). If the conditions are different when she falls asleep to when she wakes she is going to wake thinking “what happened?!” And her only way to communicate that is to cry for you to fix it. This isn’t a solution obviously... just a thought on why she may be crying for you. Once you know why then you can work on how to help her. Good luck momma!

  • Alyce
    Mar 15

    If this is something that has been going on for a couple of weeks atleast and you know all her needs are met, she’s not sick, etc then she may just be going through a sleep regression. You can keep lights off and walk in rub her back but don’t talk and walk back out. Comfort quietly. This assures her you are there but also isn’t teaching her a possible new learned behavior that isn’t ideal. It may take quite a few times the first few nites of repeat visits to comfort. It will more than likely pass within a week or two as long as a new learned behavior doesn’t come out of it. Hang in there.

  • Breanna
    Mar 16

    My baby started doing that when she started teething

  • C
    Mar 17

    My baby's 7 months too, and the main two reasons he sometimes wakes up in a crying panic: Gas. I feed, burp, and put him down but as he digests, more gas is created and builds up into something painful while he sleeps. Burping him again gets him back into the mood for sleep. Waking up in a different place from where he fell asleep. I sometimes rock him and then when he's fallen asleep I put him down in his little spot. If he wakes up and finds himself in a different place like that, he panics. I guess it's like if you fell asleep on the living room couch and woke up in the kitchen. Freaky! So now I rock him right by his sleep spot, and put him down just when he's about to fall asleep. He hasn't freaked out so much. Maybe this will work for your daughter 🙂