What do you do with your old breast pump?

Now that insurances cover breast pumps all of my friends get one for free so I have no one to give my old pump to. Have any of you found a place that accepts old breast pumps?

  • Tina
    Oct 25, 2019

    I researched if a place (like Good Will or a women's shelter) would accept a breast pump and it seemed like the answer is no since they are afraid of the liability. I ended up putting my used pump in the trash :(

  • PK
    Oct 25, 2019

    You could try putting it up for sale/free on Facebook or offer up or letgo. Not sure if anyone would go for it though 🤷🏻‍♀️ but at least it’s out there for someone looking for one!

  • Ali
    Oct 26, 2019

    I am in the same predicament.

  • Jenn
    Oct 27, 2019

    I will probably post it on FB marketplace for free when I'm done with it & hope someone will take it 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Yanis
    Oct 27, 2019

    Depends on the brand, I read Medela will recycle it for you; but people don’t want to reuse electric pumps because apparently there is no true closed system pump unless they are hospital grade.

  • Jennie
    Oct 29, 2019

    I recycled mine through Medela

  • Jenny
    Oct 31, 2019

    Post on FB or Craigslist. There’s an entire population that does not have the fortune of having insurance. I have given away my previous 2 pumps to moms who needed them.

  • annag
    Oct 31, 2019

    this is a reason to get medical-grade equipment. I wish more insurance companies would support that option!