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What do you do with a teenage boy who refuses to follow rules and fakes sick to miss school?


He also will get physical with his mother when she tries to make him go to school or do anything. She is a single mom and really struggling.

  • Sophia
    May 07, 2018

    Sounds like they could benefit from family therapy. for North Carolina

  • Renee
    Jun 04, 2018

    Make a Dr appointment take him. And if that dont work drive him to police station and tell tge cop. They will scare him

  • Nicole
    Nov 09, 2018

    The rule in our house is that you have to go to school and if you really are sick the nurse will call and send you home. She hates that rule because she’ll do anything to make herself have a fever. But we are trying to show her that school is her job and you can’t call in sick whenever you want.