What do you pack in diaper bag?

I haven’t packed a diaper bag in years, what do I pack? Diapers, butt cream, wipes, change of clothes.. anything else?

  • Lyndsi
    Oct 19, 2019

    I like to have a few burp cloths in there and some hand sanitizer

  • Sara
    Oct 19, 2019

    I always have food — at least snacks for my toddler — and water. When they were newborns I would bring a bottle (pumped milk or formula). For my formula fed kid I kept the powder and water separate so it didn’t go bad (and mixed when I was ready to feed). For my breastfed kid it would depend on whether I was with her or just my husband for how much pumped milk we packed and usually kept it in a cooler bag so it stayed fresh.

  • Natasha
    Oct 19, 2019

    Extra bibs, hand sanitizer, diaper trash bags, toy (depending on age)

  • G
    Oct 19, 2019

    Change of clothes, extra bibs, burp cloth, water wipes, diapers, pacifier, book, a wet bag to put dirty clothes in, diaper garbage bags, nipple covers for me, a shirt for me in case my boobs leak, diaper rash cream, changing pad, puppy pads to put on changing pad and baby hat.

  • Lillian
    Oct 20, 2019

    Tylenol.. and baby soap or shower wash( those tiny bottles u find as sample in pediatrics office.. they save ur life when a poop bomb happens

  • anonymous mom
    Oct 20, 2019

    Water. I never realized how thirsty I could be till I had a baby. Haha. Also bibs and a small sample of baby soap in case you need to wash in a pinch. Oh and something that you’re comfortable wiping down changing tables with and feeling confident it actually cleaned. I used medela breast pump wipes for this purpose but whatever works for you:).

  • Anonymous
    Oct 20, 2019

    Depends on the baby and everyday life. All I ever needed was diapers, wipes, clothes and some toys. Once she was old enough shed have a cup with water. I never felt the need to have drinks or food for myself because we were never out more than 2 hours.shes two now and we hardly use it.

  • Ivy
    Oct 20, 2019

    I pack only snacks, small pack of wipes, sanitizer, 2 diapers, nursing pads, a small folded grocery bag (for dirty clothes or poopy diapers), a change of clothes, changing pad, and burp cloths. I actually have more things stored in ziplock bags in my car that I can grab and throw in the baby bag if I expect a longer stay out and about, or I just leave it in the car because it’s easier for me to travel light. I have a change of clothes for me in a ziplock bag, change of clothes for all my kids too. I squeeze out all the air and slip it in the sleeve behind my seat. I also put extra supplies in a little basket on the floor behind my seat (Toys, book, more diapers, creams, big pack of wipes, extra bags, snacks, water, blanket). Sometimes I don’t even bring a baby bag, just a fanny pack with one diaper and a small travel pack of wipes, since I know everything I need is in my car.

  • Stacey
    Oct 21, 2019

    Our son is two but we include these as well now: bibs, plastic silverware and sippy cup, dry snacks, sunscreen and lotion, Tylenol and usually a small toy.

  • Laurice
    Oct 28, 2019

    Pack yourself an extra shirt too in case baby spits up on you! MUSLIN COTTON SWADDLE!! Most practical item by far - it can be used as a nursing cover, put on top of a surface for a diaper change, cover the car seat or stroller when baby is napping or needs privacy, used as a burp cloth, a blanket for tummy time or for playtime sitting, literally used it for everything. I kept one in my diaper bag, in the car, and stroller at all times!