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What does your toddler eat while on the go?


We are away from the house for a few days, I brought all kinds of snacks, but I am stumped on what to offer at restaurants? My toddler is 21 months old, doesnt eat veggies unless pureed into a sauce or chopped small enough to be hidden in something. Also doesn’t eat meat or eggs :( (believe me I’ve tried!)

  • Laura
    Feb 07

    Our daughter loves burritos and Mexican food in general (rice, beans, cheese, tortillas)

  • Raji
    Feb 07

    We just give our daughter whatever we eat or something from the kids menu. So far she likes to eat or try pretty much anything. We also do toast, avocado, cheese or meat.

  • Amanda
    Feb 07

    Noodles, rice, chicken cut up is pretty popular here. Any Chinese takeout works, like Panda Express.

  • PK
    Feb 07

    Our son actually eats better in restaurants and is more willing to try stuff. Maybe try offering what you’re eating and see what happens? If you’re nervous that she won’t eat then try to find a restaurant that offers kids meals or foods that you know your daughter eats at home. Whether it be grilled cheese, mac n cheese, other noodles, etc etc.

  • Elena
    Feb 07

    My son is the same exactly and worse he wont eat pureed food. All he eats is spaghetti with meat of French fries at restaurants. I have seen a difference if I dont let him snak before outing so he is well hungry to try something new and it's worked the 2 time we've been out the first time he actually ate some of my steak and the second we had Chinese noodles wich where like spaghetti to him so he ate quite a bit

  • Aida
    Feb 07

    If he is still eating smushed veggies, how about packing veggie pouches? I did that with my son and then give him samples from our plates as well, but at least I knew he ate his veggies and made sure it was high in protein. Love pouches for on the go!

  • Lily
    Feb 08

    Mine just eats whatever my husband and I are having. But we have been doing that with her since she was about a year. She always eats whatever we are having at home and when we are out. I would just let him eat whatever he wants of what you are eating.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 08

    What Aida suggested- also as most restaurant food is packed with salt and oil- and maybe try ordering some potential winners to share with baby, like creamed spinach, mashed potatoes etc? I used to ask for unsalted food at restaurants as much as possible!

  • Joneen Driver
    Feb 09

    My son used to eat everything until after his first birthday. Now he’s picky and won’t eat meat of any kind. We usually order vegetables, fruit, or fries and Mac and cheese mainly.