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What happened?!


My daughter is 8.5m and was never the BEST sleeper - she would wake up once a night for a feeding and diaper change. But for the past 3 nights she has turned into the WORST sleeper - can not sleep more than 30m at a time and when she does, she’s constantly tossing and turning, kicking and smacking us with her arms. Come day time, she a perfect sleeper taking a 2 hour nap and not moving a bit. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I thought she was teething at first but her gums are not really showing signs of more popping through. I thought the first 4 were supposed to be the worst? What is happening to my baby?!

  • Raji
    Apr 26

    My daughter always naps well; so well that she barely changes positions. She is all over the bed at night. Maybe check to make sure the room is at a nice temperature and that she isn’t warm. We stopped putting on foot pajamas at night with the warm weather.

  • Jenn
    Apr 26

    She may be teething. The pain is usually worse at night. Try motrin or tylenol before bed

  • PK
    Apr 26

    There’s a sleep regression around that time... which was the worst one for us. We were bed sharing up until that point, then I couldn’t take it anymore. Is she learning how to pull up to stand? Cruising between furniture? Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything that you can do to help if that’s it except to wait it out.

  • K
    Apr 26

    Agree with PK, sometimes leaps cause sleep disruption. My son would wake himself up actually practicing new skills in his sleep.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 26

    Thank you everyone! Seems like it is probably a sleep regression and unfortunately just wait it out. Ugh. @PK - my daughter is SUPER active and has been pulling herself up, trying to walk, crawling and climbing on everything for a couple months now. Non-stop.

  • Molina
    Apr 30

    Hello. Teething is tough on babies. To help my 7 months old baby to ease the pain, I give a smaller dose of Tylenol after bathing her, around 8 pm, just before the feeding, at that time. It has helped so much. Was recommended by pediatrician, not to wake up baby at night, for diaper change. Even after feeding her, to avoid disrupting her sleep. Once I started using a brand diaper, that last long and keeps my baby dry. Her sleep improved in such a way that, she only wakes up for night feedings. But I do change diaper in the morning once she is completely awake. Personally, have chosen to use brand diaper that last long hours at night time, when I travel or have long trips or errands to do, using the ointment as well to avoid diaper rash. It has helped tremendously. Through out the the regular brand diaper for my active baby, along with ointment. 😊 To avoid diaper rash, I do use ointment day and night. Because I have seen nephews and nieces suffering from diaper rash, which had brake my heart seeing their suffering. Hope this helps. Blessings.