What is the best diaper for a newborn?

  • Destin
    Oct 20

    Huggies swaddlers when she was very small and now huggies snug and dry. We also had problems with pampers leaking, especially at night! Huggies all the way!!

  • Lillian
    Oct 20

    Pampers and diaper rash are the worst ever .. after 6 months I had the courage to switch to huggies. Now with my second kid I am using huggies from day1. Lesson learnt

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Oct 20

    I used pampers swaddlers for all four of mine with no issues.

  • Ivy
    Oct 20

    One of my issues with pampers was the “netted” style inside. It stuck to my baby’s bottom all the time and especially when there was a rash, it made it worse. Second issue, is that there are practically no gussets on the back, and I swear every time, there was a poopslposion! Leaked as high as the baby’s head!!! I also prefer the fit of Huggies Snugglers on my bigger newborn babies. My last was tinier and I noticed Pampers fit her better around the legs, but I still hated them because just like my other babies, the poop kept coming out the back. Maybe my kids poop are just too much, too fast, lol

  • Ivana
    Oct 21

    I ended up ordering a brand called Bambo off amazon after trying a variety of different brands. They’re made in Denmark and use better materials for baby and planet :)

  • Trishla
    Oct 22

    Mama bear by amazon!

  • Christina
    Oct 23

    Pamper is my first choice and you can get huge discount price of pamper diaper at Sams club and that why we signed up club membership...

  • Momof2
    Oct 23

    Eco by naty are my favorite! You can get them on Amazon/target website

  • Nimish Rathod
    Oct 24

    Up&Up from Target

  • Allene
    Oct 24

    Up & Up from Target - great and half the price of brand name!

  • Andrea
    Oct 24

    Parasol has been by far the best diapers I have ever tried. My daughter has very sensitive skin and they were the only brand that didn’t give her a rash. They are also insanely soft and their customer service is excellent.

  • Zach
    Oct 24

    We started with Pampers...but switched to UP and UP (TARGET BRAND), and they are great! We would not go back to the big name brands, and they are half the cost!

  • Liza M.
    Oct 25

    Another vote for Up & Up from Target. Pampers were okay while babies were tiny but quickly proved they were not up to the task of overnight usage...Target brand is economical and I don't think we've ever had a blowout in over a year! They aren't scratchy and have no strong smell. No frills and they work great!

  • Brandi Diaz
    Oct 27

    Pampers are what I like out of all the diapers I’ve tried on my newborn. They are soft and just seem to work. Although with my first child I did like huggies or up & up

  • Ashley
    Oct 28

    Huggies caused a lot of diaper blowouts, they don’t absorb well. Pampers caused really bad diaper rash but fit well. Pampers pure have been great for the past 2 months. They absorb well and don’t smell of anything!

  • Brandi Diaz
    Oct 28

    Hmm I’ll have to try those

  • Madelin
    Nov 03

    Luvs work best for my baby, super absorbent.

  • Trent
    Dec 02

    Anyone tried Dyper Bamboo subscription diaper service?