What is the earliest age to teach how to put toys away after you're done with them? 😒

Because I'm fed up picking up my baby's toys or tripping over them for the millionth time. 😖

  • Amanda
    Jul 14

    Probably when they start walking.

  • PK
    Jul 15

    I think you could start teaching them when they are crawling... they might not be much help but at least you’re starting to introduce the idea of cleaning up. When they start walking, it’ll be easier for them to hold stuff and get it over to where it’s supposed to go.

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 15

    You can’t tell them “pick up your toys” because it’s just too overwhelming of a task, but what I do is sing the Barney and Friends clean up song from the 90s and then I say something like, “ok so can you please pick up your dolls while mommy picks up the books??” Or something like that. Lots of repetition and maybe once in a blue moon she does it right when I ask and when she does I give huge praise and tell her how proud she makes me. It works out sometimes, sometimes not. My daughter is almost 2. We’ve been at this since she was around a year. Lol.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 15

    We started as soon as he could walk too! We always pick up the living room before we go up for bedtime routine. He helps a lot but we still do most of it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Destiny
    Jul 15

    my daughter is almost 2 and we sing the clean up song and do it together. it makes cleaning “fun” and encourages her to do it!

  • Liza M.
    Jul 16

    Ever since my LO really started "playing" with her toys instead of us just laying them out for her (around a year or so?. .) we also started showing her how to clean up before moving on to something else or at the end of the day. We sing a song from Daniel Tiger and try to model by example, putting our own items away, and talking about it when we do it (mommy puts her _____ away too!). She is almost 2 now and definitely understands the concept-though of course does not always want to follow through! 😂

  • Elle
    Jul 16

    Around 12 mo. Sing a special clean up song and wave goodbye to the toys.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 16

    When your LO understands the concept of putting an object into a container of sorts.

  • Kendall
    Jul 17

    I was going to say the same as liza, maybe try putting one thing away before getting out the next thing. Watching by example is really helpful. “Look mom is putting allll these cars away so we can play with the dinosaurs, can you put this one away while I put this one away?” Usually works for us! But in general with all the random toys, we clean up together before bedtime routine. Some days he puts all the toys away, some days he makes a bigger mess 🤷🏽‍♀️ toddler life

  • Jennifer
    Jul 19

    I total my kids since they were 3yr old. As soon as they start understanding things that's when you start. I have two kids, so when my littlest one was 2yr old and older one 6yr old, my old one had a train track he was playing. I stepped on the stop sign, bridge and tree thingy, some of them broke. I pick it up and showed both of them. I said very sternly, (this is what happens to your toy when you leave them around the floor. You both need to learn to clean up after you play. Otherwise they will get broken like this and I will throw them away. So if you don't want mommy throwing away your toys, then help clean up. ) This has really worked, and they've been cleaning up every since.

  • Diamond
    Aug 19

    My son is currently 3 and we clean up together or some time I’ll sing “ clean up, clean up” and he starts to put his toys in the toy bind