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What kinds of things do you all do for 13-month olds?


My son is at home with me while I work. Usually, his source of entertainment is playing with his toys independently, exploring through the house, or accompanying me when I run errands or have the chance to visit family and friends. I see other moms doing crafts with their young toddlers or learning games and it makes me feel guilty that I'm maybe not doing enough to "teach" him at this age or have "fun" with him... like with a craft. I guess I am just looking for reassurance here?

  • Jenn
    Oct 27

    That's us (mine is 15m.o.)! Only thing I do differently is we go to library story time & music classes. I'm not really crafty...occasionally I'll get out some crayons and paper but that's about it. My having "fun" is running up and down the hallway with her for 10 mins yelling "Ahhhhh!" lol. That's all the mental energy I've got.

  • Marta
    Oct 27

    Get him play-dough my boy loves it :) also try going to Children’s Museum Thats a lot of fun for the little ones

  • PK
    Oct 27

    We have memberships for the zoo, children’s museum and aquarium here. I just take my son out A LOT. I try to find free events or things to do around town. Libraries have programs for kids and the multitude of parks in my area! Crafts are hard for us.. I tried it but he gets really upset when his hands are sticky and he doesn’t sit still long enough to see a craft through. If we have to spend time at home, he plays with his toys, watches a little tv, or we read a lot of books. I know what you mean about the guilt when other moms are out there doing crafts and playing learning games. To be honest I think 13 months is young for those games and crafts. They need to practice getting stronger at walking, running, climbing and really exploring their independence. If your son is hitting his milestones just fine, I wouldn’t worry about it or feel guilty. We aren’t all Pinterest and instagram mommy and toddler models right?

  • Lulu
    Oct 27

    Same! I "teach" by talking to her as we are doing things. Seems like it's doing the trick. And I'm a stay at home mom. I don't know how people do it. Do they have a housekeeper? A personal chef? A mommy helper?

  • Monica
    Oct 28

    I just talk to my son constantly about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it and why I’m doing it. Even simple task in hopes he learns how to speak and get an understanding of things. That’s how I “teach” with still having a busy life.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 28

    We do a Free Forest Class on Mondays, Music and Movement class on Wednesdays, Toddler Time on Fridays. I bought Crayolas and finger paint, I bought some age appropriate puzzles, we go over body parts, we sing, and dance. We go over colors, animals, and shapes. Among other things but this is what we try to do daily. Going out with you and spending time with you at home is very beneficial for your baby. You might not realize how much he is learning just by watching you and interacting with you.

  • Megan
    Oct 28

    Dude my 14 month old loves doing mundane errands. A trip to Lowe’s might as well be the children’s museum. We hit up the carpet department for some tactile exploration, he loved walking the aisle of pre-lit Christmas trees. Grocery store? YES PLEASE. You get a free banana to eat. I don’t do crafts with my kid because he will eat it. If he’s happy and you’re happy then yay you! Most learning at this age isn’t about formal games or whatever, it’s about play and experience. Exploring your house is great experience. Running errands and socializing with friends... all good!

  • Christina
    Oct 29

    Box with crayons. My in-laws got us the pottery barn chair and the box was used for coloring in for a long time then it became a slide on our stairs. Sensory table with things that are ok to eat like oatmeal. And just add in measuring cups and utensils like spoons and spatulas. Play doh. If you are thinking things like painting I suggest putting some in a ziplock so it’s not messy. I’ve just started doing “crafts” with my 3 yo. Before then it’s providing materials to manipulate.