What milestones did your child hit right before entering kindergarten?

My daughter turns 5 over the summer so she’s eligible to start kindergarten in the fall. I’m now curious whether she might benefit from another year of preschool instead. What could your child do right before they entered K? Read and write? Just recognize letters and write only a few words? Would be helpful to also hear from other summer birthday parents.

  • Jess
    Jan 19

    A good friend of mine chose to keep her July birthday child back a year more so due to social issues. It worked out well for them and she is doing great in K. From what I’ve read and heard, it’s more important to go by emotional and social readiness since all kids learn to read/write etc at a different rate.

  • Tiana
    Jan 19

    If you can, keep her away from school another year. Kindergarten, in California, is not age appropriate and way too structured. Our kids only play for 20 or so minutes a day. It’s heartbreaking.

  • Amanda
    Jan 19

    Both my sister and I have mid-summer birthdays and were presented with the choice to enter kindergarten or delay a year. I delayed a year and was consequently the oldest in my class throughout school, which also gave me the advantage of being at a slightly higher development than my peers. My sister was put into kindergarten without delaying a year and was consequently the youngest in her class throughout school, but she was successful (besides being upset that her friends could drive before she could.) She graduated college at 21 and was working full time employment before her 22nd birthday. I think that there are certainly benefits to each decision.

  • Anne
    Jan 22

    Our kids go to a private school with very small classes, so YMMV, but I've felt like the kindergarten experience has been appropriate for my 5yo. In terms of readiness, it was mostly basics like: can use the bathroom independently, can sit for 10-15 minutes and listen to a story, can relate the story back to you (listening comprehension) and can write their own name. There is no expectation of any reading ability when starting K, and I believe the goal for ending K is something like 50 sight words. They spend the first half of the year learning all the letters, practicing writing them, and learning basic phonetics. My oldest was a very early reader and didn't learn a single new thing in K, but got a lot of good practice with the basics. My youngest went into K completely unable to read and with very limited writing ability, so he's been learning with the class as he goes. Both have done fine and enjoyed their experience. So in terms of skillset I think it's really broad; they don't expect a lot in K. But it may be best for your child to have another year in a less structured environment. The good news is it's probably ok either way!

  • Anonymous
    Jan 22

    If you are in Instagram look up @busytoddler, she used to be a kindergarten teacher, is based on the west coast and is posting right now about her decision to delay kindergarten for her oldest, the benefits, what is and expected in a lot of public school kindergartens, and even some evidence based articles about when to start a child in school.