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What milk do you give a 1 year-old?

My baby will soon be 1, and she is eating fine. She is even drinking less formula (Similac pro advance) . But I'm not sure which milk or formula to give her once she is 1.

  • Julie
    Dec 19, 2018

    Your pediatrician will guide you through the process at your one year well checkup, but what I did was I slowly converted her to whole cows milk (organic/antibiotic free/grass fed cows) after her one year checkup (which for us happened the same week she turned 1). By slowly I do mean daughter is particular about how her milk tastes, so I actually started by estimating how much formula she drank in one day and substituted one ounce of cows milk for 4 days, then 2oz, and so on. Once she was about 2/3 cows milk I transitioned more rapidly. Overall it took me about 2 months to get her on only cows milk (and regular food of course).

  • Laura
    Dec 19, 2018

    Switched straight to cow's milk at 1 (finished all the formula we had already bought first). Doc said toddler formula is a scam.

  • Tairys
    Dec 19, 2018

    Thanks for all the info💕

  • Ninosca
    Dec 19, 2018

    My babies started cow milk at one year

  • GreatAshley
    Dec 19, 2018

    Mine drinks just whole milk. He has never had a problem with it. Hes been on whole milk since he was 9 months

  • Jessica
    Dec 20, 2018

    I transitioned my boys to cows milk at one years old...

  • Natalya
    Dec 20, 2018

    So ,formulas after one year old no good anymore ? I give mine goat milk formula Holle ..