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What should I do?


Hi everyone, I recently had a disagreement with my husband. He yelled at me for spending to much money on groceries and complaining that I’m not working. He made it sound like I’m not working so I should not spend money. He works then he can spend it. I feel hurts really hurt. I’m at home with a 2 months old, 2 years old, and a 5 years old. I am tired very tired, he doesn’t help me with chores around the house or do anything except mowing the grass. Other then that I do everything. He just plays games or watch TV while holding the baby for me to do everything. When I’m done I get her back for him to relax. I’m so sad and alone. When I play with my kids I cry and cry, I go to sleep in tears. I do want to go to work too. I don’t want to use his money because every time I buy something I come home he will ask “How much did you spend?” Then he did say anything but whenever we fought he would bring it up. I’m just really sad and lonely. I don’t have friends or anyone I can talk to or ask for advices. Please tell me what should I do.