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What to do with car seat while flying

How do you check your kids car seat when you fly? Do you have to put it in a bag or box? We are flying southwest if that helps.

  • Joanna
    Jan 22

    You don't have to put in a box or bag, but I prefer to use a jumbo laundry bag just to keep it clean. Technically, you should use the original box so it doesn't get dings, but who has time or space for that? There are specific bags that allow you to wear the car seat as a backpack. If you use that, you can stuff more clothing or diapers inside.

  • Andrea
    Jan 22

    I highly recommend not checking the seat, but doing gate check instead. It minimizes the chances of it being mishandled. Or, if you’ve bought a seat for your little, just being it on the plane. Either way, though, it’s free however you check it. I would definitely recommend a bag. We have a backpack version that makes it less awkward to carry. We also just recently purchased a strap so that we can attach it to a roller suitcase to drag through the airport. I think that has worked pretty well on the 1 round trip that we’ve used it so far.

  • Raji
    Jan 22

    When we flew last week; we checked it in n both airlines had these thick plastic bags for the seat. TSA did rip the bag open in places for inspection I guess and we ended up with it chipped in the cup holder 🤷🏻‍♀️ it didn’t get dirty tho

  • B
    Jan 22

    We bought a cheap car seat check bag on amazon. Saves some dirt. Airline employees told me gate checking vs checking at counter was the same in terms of where it ends up and how handled.