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What type of water do you use for formula?

Mamas- is there a significant difference between purified baby water and filtered water from the tap? Just curious as my son is getting older (15 months) and is drinking more fluids as well as regular milk.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 24

    Depends on where you live and what kind of filtration system you have. I used to live in Alexandria and I didn't even want to drink the tap water. The infrastructure is so old, I wasn't going to trust it.

  • Pad
    Jun 24

    We Always purchased $1 gallon bottled water from the store for formula.. but a quick online search for our area “Woodbridge” will tell you the water is safe for babies. Best of luck with your decision

  • Diane
    Jun 25

    Nursery or distilled

  • Dan
    Jul 01

    We live in Seattle and have been told by many pediatricians that tap water is perfectly fine.