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What’s a good response for the incessant requests/demands of“mommy look at me!”

My 3yr old demands me to “watch this” or “ look at me!” Several x a day. Often it’s several x in a row too of doing the same thing. He is not starved for attention -only child. So what’s a clever or cute or effective way to respond after 5x in a row of “look mommy!” ???? Help wanted

  • Stephanie
    Mar 30

    I use the following method. After I finish seeing (insert whatever they are doing) I am going to do (insert what you need/want to do) when I am finished I will see again what you have to show me okay. Usually my kids (5-7) interrupt me of course but I remind them when I am finished (insert your need/want) I will be so happy to see (insert there request) and if they have come to you give a quick kiss on the head and turn back to what you are doing. Follow through ( if you say I’m going to finish the dishes, finish the dishes and don’t try to do anything else) this will gain their trust and respect for what you say. It took me 2 weeks of consistency and now both my kids interrupt maybe 2-3 times a week. It’s a process with my almost 2yr old he doesn’t understand so I just keep calmly repeating the process until I get whatever I need to do done. 3 and above is a perfect time for this method. Good luck 🤗

  • Mrs. HHH
    Mar 30

    Thank you Stephanie. Sounds methodical and more importantly, feasible!