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What’s your advice on increasing chances of getting pregnant?

  • annag
    Oct 31

    that depends on what you're already doing. Do you already keep track of when you ovulate? There are urine tests (LH, or LH and estrogen), and 3-significant-digit digital thermometers to use right when you wake up (assuming you wake up at a similar time each day), and some people also notice mid-month changes in their cervical/vaginal fluids. I've also heard both that it can be useful to wait a day or two between intercourse sessions, because of a "refactory period" for sperm generation, and that the more often you have sex right before you ovulate, the (slightly) more likely you are to gee pregnant that month. I haven't read any studies on the matter, though, and I'm not sure how one would even design a good study, nor who would fund it, so there might not be any useful ones out there. Oh also, I was told to not even ask about infertility until after at least 6 months of "trying" without success. Oh also, there are separate tests for sperm count and for sperm motility.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    Thank you!