What's your favorite stuffed animal?

We celebrated back-to-school this year with a fun giveaway of a limited edition Sophie Elephant Animoodle! 🐘 When we first met these adorable mix-and-make plushies, it was love at first site. Created by former Disney, Pixar and Apple designers, Animoodles look like regular plush but are way cooler because they’re fully magnetic, allowing their arms, legs, bodies, and heads to be detached and reattached into thousands of unique combinations. Our favorite feature? Unlike most stuffies, these sturdy toys are fully posable and can sit and stand on their own, making them perfect for social and creative play! Update: a winner has been chosen and entries are officially closed! If you missed out, worry not — you can head over to theanimoodles.com and use the code 10WINNIE for 10% off your order through the end of August. 🎉

  • Ashley Mains
    Aug 14, 2018

    colorful, imaginative unicorn! <3

  • MaryAnn
    Aug 15, 2018

    My 2 Teddy bears who are almost alive like the velveteen Rabbit ! I loved them with all my heart. We were too poor for Barbies and I was happy to have these guys... now my grandson loves them!

  • Jennifer
    Aug 15, 2018

    The original Winnie the Pooh

  • Genna
    Aug 15, 2018

    -my favorite stuffed animaL growing up was a bLue stuffed fish that i named "Lucy" ! -Lucy went EVERYWHERE with me as a chiLd! she brought me comfort & i beLieve she was the reason i started to become obsessed with Fish / Fishing Later on in Life! (Catch & reLease onLy)! LoL

  • Corinna
    Aug 15, 2018

    A Gund beae that my mom gave to me and that I have now passed on to my son.

  • Amy
    Aug 16, 2018


  • Winnie Promotions
    Aug 16, 2018

    WOW! Thank you everyone for participating and sharing your stories! The randomly chosen giveaway winner is... Sarah from Maple Grove! Congrats Sarah! 🐘🎉

  • Winnie Promotions
    Aug 16, 2018

    And don't forget if you missed out, you can still use the code 10WINNIE at theanimoodles.com for 10% off your order through the end of August!

  • Aparna
    Aug 17, 2018

    White bunny from toysrus

  • Mandy
    Aug 18, 2018

    Mickey Mouse was the best. I still adore the cute little fella ;)

  • Mandy
    Aug 18, 2018

    Animoodles sounds cool. I’m collecting elephants that I love for my son as well as monkeys. My mom calls him monkey has since he was in my tummy. He was and still is a monkey at 2 yrs old. His theme in his room is a jungle one. So Adorable. Will have to post pics if anyone Is interested. Would love to see the line of Animoodles to perhaps add to the theme ;)

  • Mandy
    Aug 18, 2018

    These would be perfect for my sons room. I’m hanging vines from the ceiling and adding stuffed animals. This would be amazing since they are magnetic as well.

  • Samantha
    Aug 19, 2018

    I use to have a giant white seal lion that I got as a kid from Sea World. Wish I still had it to give to my kids.

  • Marie
    Aug 20, 2018

    Mine was the pink panther

  • McKay
    Aug 24, 2018

    A teddy bear my great grandma gave me right before she passed away.

  • Bianca
    Aug 27, 2018

    A stuffed tiger I named Tigger, I got him in the 2nd grade at Girl Scouts. Now my son plays with him 😄

  • Haven
    Oct 07, 2018

    My pink bunny(: