When did you sign your child up for organized sports?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jul 10

    I haven’t yet and my oldest is 4.5. We personally put a lot of effort into maintaining family time with everyone being so young, and we want to some avoid a super busy schedule as the kids get older. (Will be harder since we’re due with our fourth). We do plan on letting him pick one activity to do when he turns five (he seems to be leaning to gymnastics or martial arts). What I have done, since we have a great town Rec system is sign him up for 4 week sets of classes to try a variety of sports so he can figure it out without the full season commitment. If that’s available in your area I would recommend to for kids younger than 4.

  • Amanda
    Jul 14

    My son just turned two and we've done swimming and soccer. He doesnt go to day care, and is an only child so I wanted to give him opportunities to interact with other kids his age.

  • Katie
    Jul 24

    Daughter started dance this year and loves it (3). Can’t wait to go back in be in the 4 Y. O. Class