When did you start school?

My kids are 2 and 10 months, so we havent started school yet (although we are touring a Montessori school in Feb for our 2 year old...I'm so excited!). But recently my sister had an experience where she was basically scolded by an authority figure because her 3 year old isn't in preschool. She did register her daughter but the school had no openings so she has to wait till next year. I am of the opinion that children are being forced into structured school settings much too early and have absolutely no problem with parents who wait to put their littles into school until they are 6 or even 7 years old. (Many kids who start early end up being held back anyway...). I dont think it was appropriate for this person to comment on my sisters decision about school. It's really no ones business in my opinion and as far as I'm aware there are no laws requiring children to start school by a certain age or that require kids to attend pre-school. I'd like to hear some other perspectives. Was this comment out of line or do you think it's important to be more pro-active in getting your kids in school at an early age?

  • Michael
    Dec 28, 2018

    I think the person was wrong to approach her about a child that young and even more so to approach her at all. People blow my mind with this these days. Why do they feel the need to stop what they are doing to come and teach you the way they parented their kids? Would be interesting to hear the truth of how their child of no doubt perfection is doing. I have one daughter who never did preschool and one who started this year and she turns 5 in March. She will be starting Kindergarten in 2019 though. I feel like 6 or 7 is too old to start school bc I think it puts them at a distinct disadvantage socially with the other kids. It’s one thing to not have any friends bc you choose not to but just think when they do any outside activities such as sports or dance they group kids by their ages not by their grades. So they would never line up with their friends. They would always be atleast one year and, if 7, then two years older than their peers. That is my opinion but seems it could be good or more than likely bad

  • Destinee
    Dec 28, 2018

    It’s pretty privileged for this person to assume everyone has the means, or desire, to put their children in a preschool program. In my area preschool is expensive and wait lists are up to three years long at some schools. It can be a good thing sure, but nobody is better at anticipating what their child needs socially or educationally at that age then parents. Pretty much everyone in my social circles is college educated and none of them went to preschool, so it’s definitely not necessary

  • Chantel
    Jan 01

    So many ways to answer this question, it’s a personal choice. I would like to say first off, we are quick to rush kids into a school setting.... my girls are 23 months. It’s expensive to put them school and pending how much help a family has it may not work. No parent should shame another parent. I m going against the grain but I won’t put my kids into a school setting till 4/5

  • T
    Jan 01

    My girls weren’t put into a formal educational setting until 4 & 5yo. They’ve done just fine with me teaching them FT. I was a FT sahm so I taught them what I felt was important. My son turns 4 on 1/4 so he may start slightly earlier than them. It’s a parents choice.

  • Ivy
    Jan 11

    My mom put me in preschool with my older sister when I was 3 and she was 4. But when my younger siblings didn’t do that because schools became more strict about age for preschools and kindergarten. Now, formal schooling requires testing, otherwise it will be out of pocket and half days for many preschoolers. I wanted to enroll my son in preschool when he was 3, but our district only allows you to send kids to the school nearest, and the nearest school’s preschool was full already. Plus, my son was considered too young still. He does have the option to go this year when he’s 4, and it’s something we’d have to pay for out of pocket, but it still wouldn’t even be full time. I think the comment was out of line, and the attitude as well. What an unnecessary need to scold someone over...

  • Michael
    Jan 21

    Not sure how it works in other states but in South Georgia, which can be just as bumpkin as it sounds sometimes, our preschools are not technically a part of the school system. My daughter goes to pre-school but it’s taught at a day care and it is super lax. I mean come when you want and show up if you want. You still pay of course but it’s not a lot more than just normal day care would be anyway. It doesn’t sound like that’s what everyone else is talking about. 3 year wait? You have to go on a list for a school on your way home from the hospital. Ha ha