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When did you turn your car seat forward? My daughter will be 2 next week and she is a tall one!

  • Margaret
    Dec 28

    I kept the car seat rear facing until my son reached the height and weight recommendations. I think he was probably closer to 3 when we turned it around. The Car seat Lady has more information on this

  • Alexis
    Dec 28

    My son turned 2 a cpl weeks ago and we r planning to keep him rear facing as long as possible. There are several seats on the market that go up to 50 lbs and 49" rear facing, I think the cheapest one I've found was around $50. Its recommended to keep them rear facing as long as possible. Even if it means their legs are bent. They really dont mind and it's much safer :)

  • Sara
    Dec 31

    My 3.5 year old is still rear facing and she's tall!