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When do you stop breastfeeding your baby to sleep at night?


I still breastfeed my 8 month old to sleep at night. She wakes up about once a night for a feeding. How do I get rid of this so other people can put her to sleep and not just me.

  • Andrea
    Feb 15

    Read “solve your childs sleep problems” by dr ferber. I used his method (online you will find different versions of this “ferber method” ) at 8 months with my youngest son. That is a good age to sleep train! My son adapted pretty quickly. It does involve crying... but the younger the baby, the less crying (cause they are more tired and can’t “fight” to stay awake as long as older babies). You must have a routine in place... mine is jammies, nurse, brush teeth, give puppy lovey, sing song (twinkle twinkle), put in crib. First three days are hardest... then for a couple weeks he would cry like 30sec-1min once in the crib. Now he just rolls over snuggling his puppy and goes to sleep... sometimes even making cute coo’s and such. Good luck momma! Transition is always hard but the earlier the easier for sure! (The book explains how to do the middle of night feedings too. Strongly recommend.)

  • Copeley
    Feb 17

    Honestly don’t ever start! I made the mistake with my first and she had to be rocked and nursed to sleep for the first 1 1/2 of her life! If they learn it and love it they own it and that’s when you are at the beckon call. I would try every kind of bottle you can with the pre made formula and warm it up a little. The pre made formula is more like breast milk and helps them to sleep for longer periods of time. This is what I found to be true for mine, although different things work for different children and you just have to find what works best and stick with it. Good luck