When & how did you teach your baby/toddler to use utensils for self feeding?

My 16 mo toddler has been doing well with self feeding using his hands since he was 9 mo, when we started more varieties of solid foods & less purees. I used to let him hold a spoon then which always ends up just him playing with it. He’s starting to listen & understand more lately. I was hoping I can start teaching him with at least using a spoon. Just need ideas how & when did you teach yours? Also, what kind of utensils worked well for your baby/toddler learning to self feed? Thanks!

  • Elle
    May 21

    We started around 6 months or so. We used regular utensils, specifically dessert forks and spoons. If they want to play with it, fine, it's part of learning. We always try to eat with baby for lots of reasons, one of them being so that she can observe and learn from us.

  • Anonymous
    May 21

    We got my son utensils in his Christmas stocking lol he was 13 months! I would use his hand and guide the spoon for him and it didn’t take long for him to get it! He still will put the fork down and use his hands a lot but just keep offering is my only advice! We also always sit together and eat as a family, I think him seeing us use them really helps him too!

  • PK
    May 21

    Spoons are hard. We started with a fork first and he picked that up pretty quickly since it’s just “stab and bring to mouth.” Spoon requires a bit more skill. I don’t think we even started with a fork until he asked if he could use one himself which was around 18 months. Then once he mastered that we started offering a spoon and he is ok with it now

  • Julie
    May 22

    We did almost the same thing as Elle. I do think that eating in front of them is key. And exaggerating movements and showing how to hold the spoon level, etc. at first she would turn the spoon right before she got it to her mouth so whatever was on it would fall off. We just kept trying and she figured it out. We also used regular adult spoons and forks. My daughter doesn’t like it when she’s stuck with a plastic baby fork and we are using cool shiny ones. There’s a lot of messes and mishaps but she’s 21 months now and is really great at feeding herself with utensils.

  • Cathy
    May 22

    We did the same as Elle. Just put them out for our son to try and experiment with.