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When is it too late to sleep train?


My 18 month old is still a nightmare to put to bed and wakes 2-3 times or more if I don’t give up and put him in bed with me. I managed to get his older sis to sleep through but really giving up and going crazy with him. My husband can’t manage at all with him, so it’s just me. Are we a hopeless case?

  • Ashlynn
    Jun 10

    Have you tried a sleep sack, that helped us immensely with staying asleep. They make larger sizes 18-24 months and we got a 2 pack on amazon. We finally committed to sleep training at 15 months because our son was also a nightmare to get down and sleep through the night. The sleep sack and using a sound machine helped and after a few days he was sleeping through the night and going down so much easier. He also now associates putting the sleep sack on with bed or nap time.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 10

    Honestly getting a good schedule is more important (in my opinion) than sleep training. Honestly sleep training is really cry it out in one way or another. Can’t imagine a kid happy to go to sleep? Lol I would find a good schedule and stick to it. REALLY focusing on bedtime. Maybe go by daycares schedule for the day and find what works for your family for the evening. Bath, books, snuggles, bed. Something along those lines. My son is imposssssible when he isn’t tired enough, if I get timing right he’ll fight for a little but pass out. Have you tried playing w his bedtime? He could very well be over tired by the time bedtime comes? Or, he could be up from his nap too late and still not tired enough for bed. Scheduling helped SO much with good sleep for us.