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When should I start potty training ?

My daughter will be 2 in january. I'm a little new to potty training any tips on how to start having her pee in the toilet.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 07

    Read the book oh crap potty training! I believe she said 18-24 months or so is prime time to start. My son will be 2 in November and I plan to start around then!

  • PK
    Oct 07

    I second the Oh Crap potty training book. It helped that the book got me mentally prepared too. The book suggests the naked method and breaks down the potty training journey into blocks/phases. I didn’t follow the book to the T... husband and I got frustrated and ended up googling a lot which deviated us from the method and it ended up working out ok.

  • JEaton
    Oct 07

    You can't go wrong with the Oh Crap book. Read it before you even start. The biggest key to success will be making sure you're ready to commit 100% to set yourself and your little one up for success. I used the "oh crap" method and my son was potty trained at 23 months.

  • Tara
    Oct 07

    My toddler trained at 3. We followed her lead. Let her do her own thing.

  • Jenn
    Oct 10

    We wasted no time 😆. My daughter potty trained the weekend after her 2nd birthday. She showed most of the typical signs of readiness and agreed to learn how to use the potty so I went for it. Getting her to actually sit long enough to pee was a pain in the ass but we got there eventually. It only took a few accidents and rushing to the potty for it to click. I read the Oh Crap book but didn't follow it to a T (she was in summer camp & they wouldn't have allowed commando).

  • A
    Oct 13

    I’m an advocate with following their lead. For both my kids we started experimenting with it when they were 2. My girl got it pretty quickly. We gave up on my boy and tried again like 6mths later and he got it quickly. To me it seemed to just “click,” when they were ready. Id much rather change diapers another few months than force it ... and clean pee off the floor. Just my thoughts and experiences though. With both my kids once it “clicked,” we had very few accidents. Plus staying in the house for days on end while they learned... was just not something I had the patience for.