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When to introduce my significant other to my kid?


I’ve been talking to this guy for about a month now we’ve went on a couple dates and spent a few nights together we’ve talked about a lot of the serious topics and have the same views of what we want out of life and have the same values we click in that sense and in person things just feel right with him and I can see myself with him for the long haul and this is the first guy I’ve been with since my little ones dad I’m completely clueless on when I should introduce them I want to do it before we are extremely serious because what if they don’t get along and I want to make sure we can blend as a family

  • Anonymous
    May 06

    Wait to introduce until you are monogamous and have been together for a while. A few dates is still casual. I think waiting until you’re serious is better so that your son doesn’t get attached.

  • Anna
    May 13

    I’ve been debating this myself, similar situation. The previous poster made a good point about attachment; that’s been my concern. But a friend that’s been a single parent said that she benefited from introducing her kids early - if the kids didn’t connect with the guy, she took it as a sign and they ended up being true. That being said, I think for me it will boil down to timing, my comfort level, and my son’s age (because the older they are, the more memories are made).

  • Anonymous
    May 21

    Not for a while. I wouldn't introduce a man to my kid until at least 6 months of dating if not more.