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When to share pregnancy with LO

Hi we’re very early in our second pregnancy (8 weeks) and we obviously haven’t said anything to our 2 yr old yet. I wouldn’t consider it until we’re at least through the first trimester but was curious when is a good time to start talking about it, getting her excited & prepping for the addition of a sibling??I want to sufficiently prepare her but without too much time should something devastating happen. Thoughts ?

  • Anonymous
    Oct 29

    I would wait until already 12 weeks just in case she tells other people. But at 2 I'm not sure she's really going to understand what is going on anyways, so if something did happen she probably wouldnt be phased. Im not sure my 2.5 yo really understood that baby was inside of me until he came out and could see my belly had changed. But now at 3.5 he is obsessed with how he himself used to be in My belly, and asks about it all the time.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Oct 30

    So I miscarried with my first pregnancy, and have fortunately been blessed with 4 kids after. However, the miscarriage changed how I handle that first 12 weeks. I share with anyone before the first ultrasound that I would tell that I had a miscarriage (ie quality friends,family, co workers) . After the first sighting of a hb, I tell most people. With my kids, since I get sick early I always told them, but did it in a way that didn’t make it feel like it was a certainty. You could just say, “mommy’s body is tired because it’s trying to make a baby right now” or something. Then once they see baby on the big ultrasound it’s pretty exciting. 2s don’t seem to get it or care that much. From my experience

  • Jenn
    Nov 05

    We waited until after the first trimester but our oldest could absolutely care less. That being said, we altered our language and actions to include the baby and decisions as if she were already there (ie. when buying diapers, clothes, toys and practicing quiet time). Not 100% confident that it had any impact other than she has been a rock star older sister and we’ve never had problems w/the adjustment. (PS- she got to do a special overnight at the hotel and an outing w/my mom when I went into labor and I was at he hospital).