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When to start time outs?

Our son is almost 18 months. Some suggest to do 1 minute time out already but i feel like he wouldnt get it... So we just resort to taking things away or walking him away from bad choices/situations. Opinions?

  • Kieli
    Feb 09

    I do a sit down punishment. So if my daughter is doing something she’s not supposed to, like hitting, instead of taking her away and putting her in a corner I just look at her and in a stern voice say “sit down right now!” And she will sit down and I will have her stay there for about 30 seconds then give me a hug and say sorry. She also is at the age where she knows when she’s doing things she’s not supposed to, so she understands

  • Benjamin
    Feb 09

    Check out @simplyonpurpose. She has wonderful parenting tips that focusing more on positive consequences.

  • PK
    Feb 09

    We didn’t do timeouts until I think 22 months... roughly the time that he started following directions a bit more consistently. His speech at the time was also developing fast so I just knew he would get it. At 18 months I didn’t think he would get it too so we just did what you did.. take things away, distract or walk away. I still do those things.. don’t really do timeouts a ton.. only when I’m about to lose it and I sit down to cool off as well. After time is up I will talk with him about why I’m upset/the situation. Keeping the talk simple. Ask him if he understands.. then I will give him a hug.

  • Lynn
    Feb 10

    I haven’t found that a time out or any negative consequence works at all with my kids except to maybe let them know that the behavior will get them my attention when I’m busy cleaning, cooking, or on the phone. It works best when you explain the behavior you want and reward by giving lots of praise, hugs and kisses. And completely ignoring when doing what you don’t want him to do if it’s not something dangerous. Just stop him from whatever and walk away and give zero attention. Good luck!

  • Alexis
    Feb 10

    I started trying time out around that age but honestly it wasnt very effective. Then I stumbled on conscious parenting and I've been trying to implement those techniques instead. I follow Avital on and I love her ideas on parenting. I've also been told by several people, family and others, that my boys are very polite and well behaved (they are 2 and 1), so it seems to be working. :)

  • Teyen
    Feb 10

    Thanks for sharing everyone!

  • Taylor
    Feb 16

    if youre asking for results, time outs are not really necessary we kindof have to reroute his energy for whatever you're telling him not to do into doing something that's more appropriate (for ex. throwing toys in the house to taking him outside to throw a ball) but of course if you have to say no its a given! kids don't know any better than to feel whatever they feel like doing at the moment. you shouldn't expect a child to be too diciplined until 7-8 years old. good luck!