When you disagree on discipline tactics

This morning my husband came down and was trying to get the kids to clean up their toys and they weren’t listening. I disagreed with the way he was handling the situation so I just sat there quietly. Then he got on me for not backing him up and supporting him. I didn’t want to start a disagreement in front of the kids and didn’t want to seem like we weren’t on the same page so I was planning on talking to him about it later rather than doing it at the moment in front of the kids. How do you handle situations where you and your partner disagree on discipline tactics? Do you stop your partner in the moment or just talk about it later when the kids aren’t around?

  • PK
    Feb 16

    We talk about it later. But in the moment we are supportive of each other even if one of us disagrees with the disciplinary action.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 17

    My husband is bipolar and they’re still figuring out his meds. There have been times where my husband yells at our kid for dumb things or things that weren’t the child’s fault and there I step in and tell him he needs to cool off and take over the situation.

  • Ashley
    Feb 20

    We do both. Just depends on the situation.

  • Ciara Grey
    Feb 20

    I struggle with this too. I’m overly protective and I correct him in the middle of it. I think he over disciplines or will discipline out of frustration instead of using it as a teachable moment. Fast forward to my son being 3 now and he can tell dad and I are on different pages. His dad just lets me discipline now. Mostly out of laziness and not wanted to hear about it from me. I can see where I maybe shouldn’t have corrected him in front of our son bc that undermines him as a parent. I just wholeheartedly can’t help myself. It has backfired on me before where it has started an argument next thing you know we are arguing in front of our son about how to handle it. Just takes a bad situation and makes it worse. Again, We are still figuring it out. For now I just discipline. (P.S. we don’t spank him ever. But I try not to raise my voice and I try to talk him through his thought process and teach him a better way his dad will yell and take away a toy, tv or a privilege.)