Where in Berkeley has AC and is safe for a newborn?

Berkeley, CA

I have a one month old and this heat wave is hard on him. We don’t have an AC at home and fans aren’t keeping him comfortable. Any suggestions for places we can hang out tomorrow that are newborn-friendly (not super germy)? Thanks!

  • Jackie
    Jun 11

    Why not just consider getting one AC unit?

  • Laura
    Jun 11

    Jackie, it gets this hot only a couple days a year, so no one has AC in the Bay Area. Namita, I would think the public libraries would have AC. Or you could go to a cafe. Or a mall.

  • Kieli
    Jun 11

    I agree with Laura. Library, mall, Starbucks. Just wear your baby in a carrier and make sure nobody touches to avoid germs

  • C
    Jun 11

    I'm in San Francisco and it was near 100 yesterday, 90s today. These heat waves in the Bay Area tend to last only a few days out of a year, so I'm waiting it out, but someone told me they expect this one to last until September. Anyone else hear about this? When is this really going to be over?

  • Sara
    Jun 11

    The library!