Which brand sunscreen are you using this summer on your kiddos?

I don’t use sunscreen ever, but would like to start right with the kiddo. Which brands do you recommend? She is 14 months.

  • Teena
    Mar 14

    We use thinkbaby which you can get on amazon. My son has eczema and it’s the only sunscreen that doesn’t irritate his skin.

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 14

    Blue Lizard!! I follow EWG recommendations and was horrified to learn that I may have been better off with sunburns all my life than covering myself in banana boat!!! 😳😲

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 14

    If you do buy blue lizard, don’t buy it from amazon...buy from target or a retail store. Amazons is not real blue lizard.

  • Lisa
    Mar 14

    Rodan & Fields mineral sunscreen, works great and no chemicals!! Can get on Amazon

  • B
    Mar 14

    I love thinkbaby. And you should start using sunscreen too! Never to late to start

  • emily
    Mar 14

    baby bum or babyganics

  • Christine
    Mar 15

    Baby Bum

  • Diane
    Mar 15


  • A
    Mar 15

    Babybum..and I use it too sometimes ;)

  • Jennifer
    Mar 16


  • Raji
    Mar 16

    Thanks for the replies..... will look into these and work on consistently applying on her.

  • Corinne
    Mar 16

    SunBum. No icky ingredients and it’s vegan (I’m not a vegan, but appreciate that the product is)

  • Anonymous
    Mar 18

    As a sensitive and fair skinned person living in a beach town, I’ve tried my fair share of sunscreens and have been advised by drs to stick to barrier vs chemical sunscreens and to strive for zinc oxide only or zinc/titanium. Our pediatrician recommended avoiding anything with ingredients ending in benzone (I think SunBum has this). I personally prefer thinkbaby because it’s zinc based, but “smears” great for a zinc product. My kids have sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate them. I’ve also tried blue lizard which I think smears better, but has different active ingredients.

  • Vonda
    Mar 19

    Baby bum and All Good. Both are great.

  • Hannah
    Mar 21

    We use alba sunscreens! Whatever you decide on just make sure that it doesn’t contain Oxybezone! Not only is it really bad for humans, but it is killing our coral reefs! (Look up how important the coral reefs are for our ecosystem) it has been increasingly linked to early puberty in girls, low sperm count and male infertility, and an increase in hormone-related cancers in men and women... and who knows what it could do to someone pregnant! (Hate to think that I used it while pregnant🤦🏻‍♀️) And that’s for everyone, not just people swimming in the ocean! You can find Oxybenzone in a person’s urine or stool within minutes of using it! And then wether you like it or not that eventually ends up in the ocean... so no matter where you are in the world it is still harmful to the coral reef, sea life, you and the whole ecosystem! Okay sorry, rant over lol😅 hope you find the sun protection you’re looking for!

  • Mandy
    Mar 22

    Aveeno baby has worked wonders! You can get it at Walmart