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Whining!!!! Help!

Hello, My 14 month old all of a sudden starting whining and throwing fits. It’s especially bad when she wakes up from her second nap of the day. She was never like this. It was so bad today I just sat in the bathroom for a couple minutes to take a breather. I took her to the dentist and they said her molers are coming in. Can this be teething or is this a new stage in her life?? It’s driving me crazy :(

  • Katie
    Feb 25

    My son started getting his molars around that time too. It’s awful and annoying. It will pass I promise.

  • Danielle
    Feb 26

    Stay strong! It will get better! It could be because of her molars or because around 14 months (60 weeks) babies normally hit another developmental leap or milestone

  • Keri
    Feb 27

    Teething! My son is 15 months and does the same thing! I just give him some Tylenol and a cold rag or teething toys to suck on and he’s an angel!