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Why do I feel so helpless..

SO, I'm not sure if I'm just venting or if I'm seeking advice... Husband and I both work retail... he is a store manager and his job is so demanding. I work FT and I am always struggling with child care, I dont leave my 2 daughters 5, and 1 with just anybody, and Daycare is so pricey and closed on weekends... I feel so much anxiety from this o cant even sleep, I feel like I'm always worrying...

  • Anonymous
    Jul 01

    Who do you leave them with? And is that what's stressing you out? What exactly does the worry revolve around?

  • fehk
    Jul 10

    I feel very similarly. I don't make enough to afford most of these places, but I make to much to get my son enrolled in a lot of the programs. I was on a waiting list for 1.5 months only for them to have me come in to finish the enrollment, then to be told I make too much money to qualify for the school. Now I'm stuck scrambling to find the right program, on more waiting lists and trying to figure it out. If I don't find something soon I'll most certainly qualify for the federal assistance!