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Won’t sleep more than 50 minutes, refuses crib

My 11 week old won’t sleep more than 50 minutes unless she is lying next to me. I’ve tried everything, different swaddles, putting down awake, putting down drowsy, putting down asleep, rocking, feeding to sleep, giving a bottle, a pacifier, swaddling, not swaddling, spacing out feedings. using a shirt with my smell, bassinet, a warm heating pad- everything. She will not sleep in the crib at night and during the day won’t nap more than 50 minutes at a time- looking for any sort of advice anyone has!! Ahhhh

  • Anonymous
    Aug 21

    I went through this with my first LO (who is now almost 2). I found she would sleep for longer periods in the rock and play. It turned out she had terrible reflux and sleeping on her back was really irritating it so sleeping a long time or falling asleep was really hard for her. She slept longer in the rock and play because it is at an angle. Ultimately I put her to sleep on her stomach which immediately seemed to fix the issue. I know this is against all current advice but it worked for her and she still sleeps on her stomach to this day. Not sure if this is helpful...just figure I would share an experience. Best of luck!

  • Stacie
    Aug 21

    Thanks! She’s already on reflux medicine which seems much better

  • G
    Aug 21

    I have this daydream sleeper seat I would recommend. Its specifically for reflux. A white noise machine might help too.

  • Suzzie
    Aug 23

    Use a pillow hahaha I used to put a pillow between me and my son when I would snuggle him to sleep. Then I’d slowly push the pillow off me and on the bed with my son on it. Totally fooled him every time. But also keep in mind they need skin contact. They love you. Embrace the attention they seek, its going to improve you mother/son or mother/daughter relationship

  • Ivy
    Aug 23

    My first was very much like this and had reflux as well. Had colic for months too. For the day time, I wore him a lot. Like A LOT. Also, I reclined with pillows and held him to sleep on my chest at night times too, until he was about 4-5 months, then we started walking him to sleep in the stroller every night, and transitioned to a bedtime routine. By 6/7 months, he was putting himself to sleep at night in his own crib. We also really liked the rock and play (unfortunately recalled). Once he was asleep, I’d lay a swaddle into the rock and play, put him on it and swaddle him in there (never alone in the room). That helped him sleep a little longer, though not as long as when I held him. So I really just had him nap on my back a lot.