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Work from home


I’d love to hear some suggestions for working from home. I have a 3yr old and a new born. And I would love to be able to spend more time with them after my maternity break versus going back to work in an office from 8-5pm. Any good ideas out there?

  • Mar
    Feb 24

    Look into virtual Assistant positions if you’re good with various administrative tasks. Seems like the best entry level stay at home job for most moments Upwork is a good place to start

  • Speedy
    Mar 06

    Work in increments and trade services that you have on certified freelance websites. Mommy & Me in morning time. Work during first nap break. Exchange childcare too. NapTime is important for you too. Reboot Ask grandparents to help during morning shifts for a few hours and days a week. In home Nanny option and compensate out of leisure budgeting with baby in mind...9:15 am Monday-Wednesday SLC Library Literacy Early Education Family Activities & StoryTime, COCA, SLPub Library Tuesday-Thursday morning craft and storyteller. MOBG South STL STL Zoo, and PAT parents as teachers weekly HV and community drop in workshop and play date morning center... Neighborhood Community Center and churches have mommy & me or parents and me too or caregivers...Intro and WorkOut at Mall PlayFun Center. Just to name a few good ideas