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Work from home entry level writing/data entry/product testing jobs resource?


Hi FTM here & 1st time to quit working for more than a year now since I moved here in the US while expecting my now 1 yr old baby. My husband & I agreed that for now, even how challenging it is, that I stay at home while we haven’t put our little one in a daycare & I don’t really feel comfortable w/ a babysitter yet. He didn’t require me to work, for now we can manage, but I feel like I just want to get back on my feet again. Moving forward, I used to work in the architecture & building design field but moving here in the US will require me to adapt & upgrade myself (including my laptop & softwares) that I can join that field again. So I’m looking into doing something different for now, earning a bit, to finance myself, the adapt & upgrade part. Wondering if anyone could suggest a work from home / remote job, entry level, writing, data entry, product reviewer / tester or anything similar that I can start with. Thank you!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 27

    Following.. ..i'm in the same boat as you are minus the architecture and design background..