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Worried mom of 2 year old


I feel like parents always worry about SOMETHING... and being a first time mom, there are many things that I know I overthink. I’m seeking advice on my son going to daycare. He started going to a daycare center 2 days a week around 18 months old. Before that he was at grandma and grandpa’s 5 days a week. He’s transitioned into going 3 days a week.. and at the end of summer will be going 4 (maybe 5). My concern is this: In the pictures that the daycare teachers post, he’s usually off on his own, in the background, and not really with friends. Is this something to really pay attention to?

  • PK
    May 02

    Kids move around so much and their attention shifts. You just might have an independent player on your hands or an explorer. The time that they take the picture just might be bad timing. I would ask the daycare about what your son plays with or really does. See if they can take notes for a day. I wouldn’t worry about his socializing as long as he seems like he gets excited to see other kids when you take him places. I don’t think kids actually play WITH each other until closer to 3. Just parallel play at this time.

  • Fodder
    May 19

    You are doing the right thing by having your radar on. Trust your mommy instincts. Maybe make a surprise visit and watch where he doesn’t notice you? Talk to staff to get their impressions. Good luck!