Would you leave you 10 year old at home while you went to work or is that too young? He wants to stay home because he don't want to go to work with me but idk about it!!

  • Kate
    Apr 05, 2018

    Too young

  • Kate
    Apr 06, 2018

    Ladies, what about walking outside on a street on his own? Since what age it is legal?

  • Jen
    Apr 06, 2018

    It depends on the kid a lot. I stayed at home alone from age 8, but I know not all kids can handle that.

  • Naomi
    Apr 06, 2018

    minimum legal age at which kids can be left unsupervised, in the home or elsewhere, is 10 years old in BC, Canada.

  • Bethenia
    Apr 06, 2018

    People are talking about the maturity of a child or whether the child will destroy the house or not, etc. Does no one think about other things that can happen, such as an accident or danger, that would have nothing to do with maturity that the child can't handle alone?

  • Jennifer
    Apr 07, 2018

    I wouldn’t do it. I was a responsible kid and I was left at home at that age with my younger sister. 35 years later I still remember how stressful and scary it was for me.

  • Sherry Clark
    Apr 08, 2018

    Absolutely not. Don't take chances with things that can not be undone.

  • Jennifer
    Apr 11, 2018

    People that say "he's too young" but have no logics or reasoning behind it just sound ridiculous. Ten years old is plenty old enough, of course it depends on the kid but most ten year olds should be able to handle it. I've left my daughter home during short thirty minute trips, the key is to set reasonable rules. No answering the door, no friends over, no cooking, for her at that age I didn't let her go outside either. She just read books, played, or watched tv the whole time. In most states, there is no law for minimum age, it's the parent's discretion. Parents have gotten waaayyy too overprotective now days imo.

  • Ava
    Apr 21, 2018

    Does he have any older siblings because my ten year old always wants to stay home but I don’t let her so her older bro watches her and when he can’t I always get a baby sitter

  • Elisheva
    Apr 21, 2018

    I would not leave a ten year old alone, it would be a different case if he or she had an older sibling home with him/her even if they were both responsible there still children, it will be another story if u had a neighbor who had the key and checked in on ur ten year old every 30mins and u had a webcam in ur house monitoring ur ten year old that ur ten ur old knew about like let say u left Skype on in the house an he or she knew that and u also gave them strict rules not to use the stove or leave the house and told them about ur neighbor coming over every 30mins to Check on him/her, Again it all depends on how mature ur ten year old is and how responsible they are and how they feel about being left alone, have they ever been left alone before? I would not suggest the first time u leave ur ten year old alone would be when u went to work, if u did a test run on leaving ur ten year old alone when u went to run an errand that would take less then an hour an u still had a neighbor who would check in on them an u still had a solid way to communicate with them, In my opinion I wouldn’t leave my ten year old alone without safety drills and practice of what ifs and only if it was a last resort but only if my ten year old was responsible and comfortable and there was a solid communication set up and there was a neighbor/family who was going to check in on them

  • Syanna
    Apr 21, 2018

    Yes you should

  • Jadess
    Apr 22, 2018

    I let my ten year old stay by himself. Depending on where we go. And for how long. Normally I leave him my cell phone just Incase. But if it’s not for very long then why not?

  • Kat_cookie
    Apr 22, 2018

    I looked online and it said that there is no state law against doing that. I believe that it is all your opinion on whether they are ready yet. I suggest 10 or 11

  • Erika
    Apr 23, 2018

    I think all day is too long. At 10yrs old even if very responsible I would keep it to 4hrs tops assuming you work during the day

  • Ana
    May 02, 2018

    No cause u dont know if he is safe for him

  • Anonymous
    Jul 19, 2018

    So, would you leave a baby home alone, say if they're asleep in a crib or buckled in a swing? They wouldn't be cooking or answering the door or getting into anything they shouldn't. I doubt anyone would think this is acceptable because anything unexpected could happen. If this is unacceptable, how is it more acceptable for a child who CAN get into stuff they shouldn't, even if they promise they won't?

  • Hippie
    Mar 11

    Technology has made great improvements for stuff like this. Install a Canary there is audio and live stream video so you can check in real time. It depends on the child as well. I know some 10 year olds that are mature enough to handle it some that are not. At that age I was out playing all day with no supervision, I'd say being in a house would be safer than running the streets. I agree that now we have become way to protective.