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Yesterday my first born went off to college. I am terrified that I didn't teach him or I didn't tell him or I wasted so many opportunities to show him the right choices vs. the wrong because I am a single mother who is currently unemployed, without all the basic necccessities to provide a " normal" childhood.

  • Kelly
    Aug 20, 2017

    He needs you now more than ever. Don't let this make you feel like you can't be there for him now.

  • Vicki
    Aug 20, 2017

    Read your first sentence. That says it all!!! You did great and you don't stop being a mom just because he's growing up. He will still learn from you all the time. And really what is a normal childhood? One filled with love and a present parent.

  • Lynn
    Aug 20, 2017

    Echoing Vicki's comment, your first sentence says it all! Congrats and keep up the good job mama. Raising kids (doesn't matter at what age) our love continues on. Often times, kids are the ones that teaches us what really matters in life. Easier said than done, but concentrate on the positive. ๐Ÿ™Œ

  • Anne
    Aug 21, 2017

    I agree with Kelly above โ€” this is a huge milestone for both of you, but you'll always be his mother. You have so many more opportunities ahead of you to teach him and support him on his journey to adulthood and perhaps someday, parenthood of his own. You can't put a value on that โ€” it's priceless.

  • Devon
    Aug 21, 2017

    Thank you everyone!. Since sat. I have talked to my son quite a bit. In fact I just spoke with him. Warm hugs and smiles. These are the rewards when we have such pride and joy.

  • Maria
    Aug 22, 2017

    Teenagers eventually makes their own decisions. They learn by example and I can already see that you are a wonderful caring parents. He knows you love him and having a job or not doesn't change that. Write him letters and send him lots of care packages.

  • Hm
    May 11, 2018