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Zoe stroller questions?


Does anyone own the Zoe XLC Best compact stroller or the Zoe XL1 Best? Are you happy with it? Would you buy it again? Do you travel with it in airplanes? Thank you!

  • Anonymous
    Jun 29, 2019

    Just bought. Haven’t taken on a plane yet but very lightweight and sturdy. Basket can hold some small items but you’ll have to wear your diaper bag on your back instead of putting it under the seat. Still like it well enough for getting around in quick excursions. Good price, too.

  • Caroline
    Jun 30, 2019

    Bought it a few months and sold it pretty quickly to get the Colugo. The Zoe felt really cheap and had to change twice the wheels. Colugo is wonderful !

  • Jennifer
    Jul 01, 2019

    I have the summer infant 3D lite and love it. Traveled to san diago for a week with it and it was easy to get around and my son likes it. It also has a spacious storage space and lays back to accommodate naps if needed. Not a great sun shade though

  • Zoe has poor customer service
    Feb 11

    Our Zoe stroller malfunctioned after we used it for the first time last weekend (one of the wheels keeps slipping out of its shaft, and stroller won't expand from its collapsed position because the locking mechanism on one side of the stroller is stuck and won’t release). Zoe's proposed solution was to have me purchase a new stroller at a full price, even though my initial purchase was using a discount coupon (which has now since expired). They were unwilling to honor the initial price I paid for the stroller. This is after days of emailing back and forth, wasting our time. Note that they do not have a customer service number so all correspondence is back and forth through email. It is pretty ridiculous not to honor the original purchase price, or provide a hassle-free replacement when their product is defective. Also look up Zoe on Better Business Bureau to set expectations on customer service. Great stroller design though. Hope customer service will catch up.