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Trouble with solids past purées

So my little booger is 8.5 months now. We’ve been doing purées since 4.5 months. At first, he absolutely loved them, and was totally okay with a spoon. He self feeds pretty well. Starting about 3 weeks ago, we started trying to transition to textures (mashed beans and rice, mashed peas, mashed soft foods, etc). Every time something hits the back of his mouth he gags until he throws up! Now he’... More

Bottles and Purées

My son will be 5 months next week. He is already obsessed with purées since we began introducing them to him this week. I was just curious how his bottle schedule may/should change? After another week or so, if he’s eating a lot of the purées, do I cut back an ounce in his bottles (4oz currently) or just keep them the same? When do you start introducing water in between bottles with purées? ... More

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