Conyers, GA
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Movie Theater

When did you start taking your kids to the movie theaters?

I need to lose weight

Hello mamas, i have 17 months twin girls and i go to school and work full time.. my time feels very limited and no matter what i do i can’t seem to find time to lose weight .. is there anything i can take to knock the weight off or anything i can do???? ALL suggestions ARE WELCOME


What do you cook 1 year old twins for Dinner. I want to make them healthy and Great dishes but i found it to be very hard I’m open to all ideas

Learning apps

What are some good learning apps that your kids enjoy?

Constant Coughing

Hello mamas, my 16 month old twins are constantly coughing I’m giving them their treatments and also their doctor prescribe a steroid. The coughing was controlled while giving the medicine but it’s back and won’t stop! Any suggestions?

15 month twins still on Pacifiers

My twins are 15 months and they still are on their pacifiers. Any Suggestions on how to wean them off???

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