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‘Go Away!!’ My toddler keeps shouting

I’ve seen her trying to strike conversation in the playground with that as her opening line !! So I don’t think she quite knows what it means. She must have picked it up at daycare, as it’s not something my partner and I have used. Sadly, our 16 month old is also parroting her now! Unfortunately, we all reacted with, ‘oh, no, that’s not very nice...’ or if said in frustration, I’d cuddle ... More

Aggressive behaviour from baby

My 1.2 year old has taken to hitting me and pulling my hair, as well as smashing his and his sister’s toys and even hit her on the head a few times with hard objects. He often smiles afterwards, especially when there’s a reaction, whether my squeal as he rips at my hair or my daughter shrieking as he does the same with her! I’m not suggesting malice, and I remember not ‘disciplining’ my eldes... More

Major sleep regression with Toddler

My two year old has a bedtime routine that with minor adaptations has worked well since she’s been 3 months. She weaned herself off the bottle some two months ago, so we have bath, snack, brush teeth, story/ 2 short books, prayer and bed. If she’s struggling we sing a song whilst she’s in bed. She has a comforter. However, for the last week, she’s been crying and making s big fuss of going to... More

urgent weaning for dodgy teeth

Been struggling to wean my 10 month old off night nursing, and he is still waking 3-5 times a night to nibble. I tolerated this, up until our first trip to the dentist last week: He is showing signs of potential ‘developmental decay’ on all of his 6 teeth! Apparently, this is down to baby nursing so often at night. I brush in the morning and after the last feed, but not after every night feed... More

No milk, no food Good news My 22m old self is weaning off her nap and bedtime bottle Bad news She’s already an Uber picky eater, and this doesn’t seem to have expanded her appetite for more food. Just less milk! What’s more, she’s noticing what others eat at the playground and that chips and snacks are much nicer than the food I make for her at home. I make healthy snacks too, but these... More

BFing in style When restless he holds onto my necklace. My husband’s Aunty gifted me these for exactly this purpose. Highly recommend! And a little more elegant than the average teething necklace 😉

Tara posted in Sleep Jul 15, 2018

Climb it out Trying to get my 7.5 month old to sleep in his own crib-he's still in our room. He’s crawling now and we’ve had a few near accidents, when he nearly crawled off the bed onto his head. Only issue is he refuses to sleep in his crib. Tried to putting him in nearly asleep, but he looks around and climbs up to standing and cries if I leave the room. He cries like he’s been left fo... More

I’ve had a sore breast for the last couple days (maybe more) but only just noticed that what’s painful is a hard lump just above my nipple. I exclusively breastfeed, and have not been engorged as baby feeds pretty often. We are currently travelling, but does this sound normal to breastfeeding moms? Should I get myself checked out ASAP?

If you ever find yourself vacationing in Amman, Jordan, with the little ones, then you must visit this gem of a place. Yippee! Is an indoor playground (3m-6y range) with friendly and capable staff, playgrounds, free WiFi, support staff to help mind the babies, a coffee shop and breastfeeding room. and open 9am-11pm (kids seem to stay up to sleep with their parents here!).

Milk Supply ‘Food before 1 is just for fun.’ Doesn’t seem to apply for my 6m old, who devours everything I give him, and doesn’t seem satisfied with nursing. He is purely breastfed- never took the bottle- and is eating solids 3 times a day for just over a week. Apart from straining to poop- he grunts and squeezes, and has gone down from 4 poops a day to 1 or 2- he seems happy. But what ab... More

Tara posted in Sleep May 29, 2018

Moving nap. My 20m old is due to start part-time nursery in September when she turns 2y. Nursery hours would be 8am-1pm, but her nap time is currently 11:30. I tried shifting to midday a few weeks ago, and it was a big fail. Meltdowns and tantrums ensued. Nursery insists that she stay until lunch at 12:30-1pm. They don’t mind her coming in later but leaving early is a big no-no. How can I ... More

Big unruly curls on my 20 mo old. She hates having her hair washed, but is pretty patient with my brushing/plaiting it, but my husband and I feel that is function over style, and want her free and comfy... I had dead straight hair and had the ‘bowl’ cut. No idea what works with curly hair. Should we snip some off? What haircuts work well?

Percentiles and growth curves My 5.4m old has fallen off his growth curve, as he seems to have lost some weight. The ‘health visitor’- UK National Health system- isn’t concerned enough to refer us to the Paedtrician. But whilst his height has continued to go into the 90s percentile, his weight dropped from 97% to 72. We’ve had various breastfeeding concerns, but are still going. Leleche grou... More

My 19 week old has been grabbing at my skin/ hair, biting my nipple (ouch!!) and flaying his arms/ kicking whilst breastfeeding. He hasn’t done this before, I know it’s not gas, and he may be teething (drooling and sometimes in visible discomfort). Anyone has experience with this? Any suggestions as to how I can manage?

Is it normal for a toddler to fall and hurt herself on a daily basis? My 18m old started walking around 16 months, and though she has good control, can easily squat to pick up things off the ground, go up and down small steps, she inevitably seems to stumble and fall. Often she picks herself up without a fuss. Though a good 2-3 times a day, she will cry and would take couple of minutes of con... More

Not a new article but I just came across, and was touched by the premise. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/on-parenting/the-co-sleeping-2-year-old/2014/10/14/cd0e33f6-4ff1-11e4-8c24-487e92bc997b_story.html And to add: am not promoting cosleeping per say. I currently cosleep with my 4m old, but I successfully ‘trained’ my daughter to sleep in her own room from 3m.

To EBFers: does anyone have a baby who sleeps through the night? What I mean by that, is maybe one long 5-6 hours stretch and then maybe only one other waking? My 14 week old sleeps for 4-5 hours when I first put him down then he’s up every two hours. He doesn’t take the bottle- see other posts/ I’ve tried!- he stirs and grumbles, I feed him, then he passes out after one breast, and is up aga... More

Tara posted in Sleep Mar 09, 2018

What short and sweet books would you recommend for an 18 month old at bedtime? Most of ours are exciting...

Met two mothers from the Philippines, who spoke of their traditional way of potty training infants. Their babies went on the potty from 3 and 4 months! I looked it up, and it’s a thing! I’d have been tempted to try, but with a toddler around, this would be too messy for me. Has anyone else tried this? Found an article for more info: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/children/XXX-XXXX/... More

Alternating breasts: As my nearly 12 week old continues to feed every 2-3 hours 24/7, and I’m generally exhausted, I’m finding that if I offer the same breast for two feedings before alternating, he gets more of the hind milk, and I give each breast a chance to ‘fill up’. This I find works best to ensure a fuller breast for his late afternoon/ early evening feed, as I was generally low at tho... More

Tara posted in Sleep Feb 07, 2018

Those with two kids close in age: survival tips for bedtime routines please! At what age did you start putting them to bed at the same time? If you don’t, then what’s your routine? I’ve a 17 month old and a 11 week old, and even with my husband off work and helping, it’s a struggle. Older one sleeps 7/7:30pm-8am but younger fusses from 6-8pm, sleeps for few hours then is up very 2 hours. ... More

One of many articles and research papers my husband and I have read. We do our best to keep phones, iPads, laptops away from our children, though they are very young so this hasn’t been a struggle (yet). I wonder, who else takes this into consideration? And whether it’s feasible to avoid these longer term? https://www.webmd.com/children/news/XXX-XXXX9/children-cell-phones

What’s the best sling to wear at home (for 7 week old) whilst doing chores and running after a toddler?

Help mamas & papas: 8-week old refusing to take the bottle! Any brands or techniques that worked for you/ your babies? My EBF baby took bottle successfully twice at 8 days. Didn’t give him bottle again until last week, when I desperately needed to rest during an all-nighter. He chews teet but doesn’t suckle. He has a shallow latch whilst nursing, due to tongue tie that was corrected b... More

Tongue-tie 8 day old newborn diagnosed with tongue tie- was missed at hospital!- and has since developed jaundice. We had a procedure yesterday- to cut the skin below baby’s tongue- and was meant to see results immediately or within 24hours but 30 hours later and still nothing new! Feeds are a nightmare as baby cannot latch, so I’ve cracked nipples and baby doesn’t stay awake long enough to ... More

How do people feel about the term ‘full-time mom’ versus ‘stay-at-Home-mom’? I prefer FTM as I SAHM (to me) implies I’m mostly spending a cosy time at home, when in reality I’m often all over the place. Though I’ve heard working mothers can take offence to FTM because they read that they then become ‘part-time mothers’ (?). My mother was/ is a working mum, and a career woman at that, and as... More

TMI WARNING: Wish I’d swallowed my pride sooner and tried this a lot earlier, and with my first pregnancy: Incontinence pants. Quality of life raised considerably! Highly recommend for mamas-to-be, especially when big bump demands constant visits to the loo/ bathroom. Making outings, whether a long walk or having a meal out with friends, so much more enjoyable without half dozen trips to... More

Nursery bugs: my 13 month old has had two half days at our local nursery in one month. She caught a nasty tummy bug first time, and last week, she picked-up a cold (fever, congestion, cough). Doc and all insist that this is the best thing for her, to catch all now and build her immunity later. Is it really? Is there anything I can do to boost her immunity/ minimise this madness? I’m 36 weeks p... More

Hi there, we'll be moving from the UK to the US, to the Bay Area (somewhere in Berkeley, Oakland or Richmond depending on what we find!). My husband has been in SF for many years, and I was there for 7 months too but came back to have (happy surprise) baby No.2 closer to better support system in London. Question: I'm trying to research nearby nurseries and daycare centres, but wonderi... More

Considering reducing my daughter's formula milk intake to encourage her towards solids. This was a suggestion made by her Paedtrician, as she is still not eating solids well, and having over the recommended amount. She's just over a year, and is picky at best when it comes to solids. She does finger food, but more as snacks than meals, as she relies on her bottle. Dreading her wanting ... More

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