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Biting, hitting, tantrums HELP

Hi looking for some guidance about hitting, biting and tantrums. My 2 year old just started school and bit another kid! I’m horrified. She is also very verbal and is telling me she is hitting. We read books, talk about feelings etc. I’ve tried time outs in the past IF it happened in front of me. We have a 4 month old too so idk if that’s also the cause of this behavior. She also gets super upse... More

Won’t sleep more than 50 minutes, refuses crib

My 11 week old won’t sleep more than 50 minutes unless she is lying next to me. I’ve tried everything, different swaddles, putting down awake, putting down drowsy, putting down asleep, rocking, feeding to sleep, giving a bottle, a pacifier, swaddling, not swaddling, spacing out feedings. using a shirt with my smell, bassinet, a warm heating pad- everything. She will not sleep in the crib at nig... More

Toddler ripping books

Anyone have any advice for toddler ripping books? My daughter is 21 months and has a favorite paper book but lately she’s been ripping it! She loves to read it but then she’ll randomly rip it. We’ve told her the book has to go to time out and will put it away but now she’ll rip it and say “ut oh book time out.” 🙈 So clearly that isn’t working. Any advice?

Toddler screaming

Any advice on random screaming!? My 21 month old has also been randomly screaming. She’s not screaming at anyone but will just randomly scream in the house or sometimes will do it to get our attention if we don’t immediately answer her 🙈

Active in utero=hyper baby?

Does an active baby in utero mean a hyper/active infant?

Toddler tantrums

Wondering what people do about toddler tantrums? My daughter is pretty good but she struggles when we need to leave places- the park, a store, a restaurant etc. I’ll set a timer and tell her when it goes off we need to leave. She’s 20 months old. Despite the preparation many times she’ll get really upset throw herself on the floor, scream no no no and cry. I usually just stay calm and try to wa... More

Toddler table and chair

Looking for recommendations for a toddler table and chairs for a small space! Small space and a compact table/chairs is key. TIA!

Elvie Pump

Does anyone have an Elvie pump? Reviews?

2-1 nap transition

I finally transitioned by 18.5 month old to 1 nap after a week of early awakenings and fighting her naps (playing in crib, not sleeping) So yesterday we went out and she went down at 1245p and slept 1.5 hours. I left her until 2 hours hoping she’d go back to sleep. Then she was a bear the rest of the day. I have friends whose kids take these monster 2-3 hours naps when they go to 1 nap. How do... More

When to drop 1st nap

My daughter is almost 18 months and still takes 2 naps a day. XXX-XXXX and usually 2-330. She goes to bed at 7pm and normally wakes up at 7am but now has started waking up at 6am! Does that mean she’s ready to drop her first nap?? I feel so confused on when to drop it and how to drop it!? HELP

Straw cups recommendations

Anyone have any good recommendations for a metal sippy cup? I’m looking for a good STRAW metal sippy cup for milk for my almost 1 year old. The plastic ones keep getting moldy 🤦🏼‍♀️

11 month old throwing food

My 11 month old keeps throwing food on the floor and her Sippy cup. My husband says she’s only 11 months but she definitely understands and I’m not sure what to do about it. It becomes really difficult if we go to a restaurant. Saying no doesn’t work and I’m nervous to suddenly end the meal because she’s small. I’m not sure what to do about this...PLEASE HELP! Do I discipline her or something f... More

My 6.5 month old doesn’t really show an interest in crawling. She rolls a ton and if I put her on the floor will scoot herself backward by pushing - but I was wondering if she should be getting up on all fours and showing more of an interest in crawling and how I can encourage her?

I really struggle to soothe my baby when she won’t nap or wakes up in the middle of the night. My husband always gets her back to sleep but for some reason I can’t and she will only soothe if I Breast feed her. I find it really frustrating because he is away a lot and I feel like idk what else to do but feed her! Any suggestions? Is this normal?

How can I encourage my baby to roll from back to front and learn to sit up. I’m a FTM and I know it’s early (3.5 months) but I want to make sure I’m doing everything to help with her development.

Is there a difference on using frozen expressed breast milk from baby month 1 or 2 vs frozen breast milk from the last 2 weeks (she’s 3.5 months now) nutrition wise?

When did u move ur baby from bassinet to crib? I feel like she’s uncomfortable in the bassinet but I know the recommendation here in the US is 6 months in the bassinet shared sleep space so I feel nervous making the switch....not sure what to do 🤨

I feel confused about how much expressed Breast milk to leave my baby when she is bottle fed- she is 3 months old. I go back to work soon and she is exclusively breast fed so I have no clue how much milk she takes in. She eats 8-10x in a 24 hour period . How much does she need in each bottle?

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