Burbank, CA

Breastfeeding & pregnant

Hi all. I have a 16 mo daughter and I’m 12 weeks going on 13 weeks pregnant. We’re super excited to grow our family and I’m adamant about continuing breastfeeding until my babies self wean. We also bed-share and I’ve been getting plenty of sleep since my 16 mo was born. Recently though I’ve been getting irritated with nursing at night all of a sudden and haven’t been able to sleep through it fo... More

Weaning daughter at 14 months

I’m still breastfeeding my baby at 14 months now and we bed share. I’m also a full time student taking night classes. My daughter will not sleep without me and her schedule is a little erratic. I’m thinking about weaning using apple cider vinegar on the breast method. Any input is welcome. In theory, I hope it will mean my daughter starts going to sleep without me, sleeps through the night and ... More

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