Ville Platte, LA

I’m 22. Wife, Mother, College student.

Breast feeding

Any one breast feeding after having nipples pierced??


I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant. Yesterday we went to the park with our 3 year old and I started having a headache. It literally lasted all day and night til I woke up out my sleep at 12 and finally took Tylenol. (I don’t like taking meds while pregnant which is why I waited so long) but naturally once the medicine wore off it started again around 3. I have work today but my head feels like it’s u... More

2nd pregnancy

Anyone else on their second or multiple pregnancy and feel like they are showing sooner? I’m six weeks pregnant but my belly looks about what it did at 20 weeks with my first.


We are trying to conceive our second child but it hasn’t happened yet. I just need some reassurance that it can happen again even with Endometriosis

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