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My 3 year old was just diagnosed with pink eye. I also have a 6 month old and 12 year old. Any suggestions on how to give extra care and how and what to wash and disinfectant?

Hello! Does anyone have any work from home jobs that they can recommend? Any open positions or websites?

My oldest is 3 and a half. She is still learning to potty train overnight. She is fine during the day and even at school. No accidents. But still adjusting to nightime. Does anyone have any suggestions to encourage her to wake up to use the bathroom? I've read most kids don't learn until they are about 5 years of age.

Any local moms or dad who would like to start some sort of mommy daddy support group or moms who have or are experiencing postpartum or mommy blues?

Does anyone know of any post partum support groups they can recommend?

Hi! So I have a stepson who is 12. He lives with us full and I. I take care of him so I tell people that he's mine. He see his mother every other weekend which is 2x a month. My husband is still fighting for her to pay child support, as a matter of fact he still pays and my stepson has been living with us for a year and a half. She won't sign the court papers let alone show u... More

Hello! How can I IM peeps on this app? I cant figure it out for the life of embarrassing

Hi! Does any one bab3 any suggestions on how I can get myv13 year old to be more affectionate towards his 3 year old sister? I get the age difference I really do! But how can I get them to bond more or my 12 year-old be more understanding of the age difference so it better prepares him and helps him develop more patience?

Anyone have any recommendations for hiring a one day a week sitter?? Who will come to the home?

Hi guys! I have a 12 year old stepson...he lives he calls me his he is very comfortable with me and opens up a lot to me..which is very nice and it allows me to tell his dad and he can be prepared to discuss issues t With him...he has alotta questions about sex and relationships and I was so I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions or tips on how to answer his questi... More

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Wow!! Free coffee!! I'm sold!

Are there any moms out there who still after giving birth have postpartum or anxiety or some days where you feel bad? I gave birth 4 monthes ago...I take Zoloft since then but once in awhile I get into a funk...esp if it's that time of the month...does any moms have any suggestions of how to maintain your hormones or what not?

My 3 year old was just sent home with lice! I am FREAKING OUT! It's a small patch in the center of her hair and its eggs so I'm hoping this means I've caught it earliest...does anyone have any tips at all as to how to disinfect my entire house, my other kids, me and my husband and the family dog! So far I see its just my 3 year old with it! I bought the RID kit but any other tips to... More

Hi!! Happy sunday! I was wondering if anyone had any natural or medicinal alternative suggestions for milk rash? My 3 month old has it on her neck( I'm constantly changing bibs) and chest...she also has rash on her creases like her arm and behind her knees...I gave her an oatmeal bath...lathered her in baby Aveeno eczema oatmeal ointment and then sprinkled cornstarch for her bedtime and it ... More

I really wanted to share this sale with everyone!! This is once upon a child stores! In chicago locations!! I find great deals here!! Maybe you can too!

Hello! My daughter is 3 and a half...I read to her but would like to expand her skills are there any specific programs or books that you can recommend they will expand her language and reading level?? She also likes to ask me for homework so if anyone can recommend great exercise books?

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