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Do you follow the required oz for each baby’s age?

Im beginning to worry coz my baby eats less and less at the start of his 3 mos. And I’m like a bottle police tracking every feeding and adding up the ounces. He can only take the most usually at an average of 24 oz per day. Is this ok? My pedia said he should be taking 29 oz now... last time we had a weight check, Doctor said he is on the 11th percentile, I feel like I’m not doing enough 😞coz h... More

Is it safe to mix formula with purified water (nestle purified water)

Do I need to boil the purified water when mixing with formula? Is this safe for 3 month olds?

2 month old sleeper and not eating much!

My baby is almost 3 mos old. He has a protein/ milk sensitivity on top of which he also has GERD. I am bit concerned as he is sleeping in stretches of 5-6 hours and only eats a maximum of 3.5 oz. anything he eats beyond that he spits. He is gibing weight but really slow. Is this normal?

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