Apple Valley, CA

I’m a mother to a 9 year old boy with ADHD which requires so much patience and I have 1 year beautiful daughter

How to get my 16 month to eat table food?

So I started my daughter on baby foods since she was 6 months.... She does good eating different varieties... She can have a bit of a gag reflex with certain foods that have more texture but keeps everything down and don’t throw up or anything... We’ve given her those baby mild cheddar puff chips along with those cereal star puff snacks that I guess quickly dissolve... she got her first bottom ... More

How old should baby be to wean off pacifier?

Mine turns a year old today/tomorrow depending on ur time zone... lol... but she seems to be sorta obsessed with it... any suggestions on how to accomplish getting her to wean off besides cutting it out of her life, cold turkey so to speak...? how old were yours...?

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