Cleveland, OH

hello everyone, I am my first new mom with my one year old daughter. and I'm out here to try to meet with other parents. also if he knew in my city maybe we can link up and do activities with our children and get to know each other.

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1 yrs old Toys & Books

Hello parents, I wanted to asked you something I had brought her a lot of toys these past Christmas, like leap frog toys that she can learn from like lovin oven, tablet laptop, play pal , table, and on the go walker that she can learn from and last but not least a 100 word. Now my day again is turning 1 but I feel like since I am a new mom I feel i lost my touch in helping her to be into her t... More

Andraya posted in Parties Feb 06

1 year old Birthday ideas

Hello my daughter will be one years old this month on the 14 which is (Valentine's day). I want to asked anyone who could help me with some ideas of putting her party together which will be at home. I would like to buy her a nice gift that I hope she would love from her mom and dad. What should I buy her?

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