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Brushing teeth

We struggle to brush my 2 year olds teeth. He doesn’t want to let us brush and can’t do it yet on his own. Any suggestions for getting a good brushing ?


My 2 year old screams at haircuts. He has to have a haircut from time to time. What do I do?

Eating struggle

My almost 2 year old has decided he will eat only nuggets and fish sticks these days. He used to love Mac and cheese and be open to different things. I don’t want him to be hungry but he also has to eat more than this.

Stain treatment

What stain treatment do you suggest for carpet stains from dropped food pouches and general toddler type messes?

19 month old meltdowns

My son just turned 19 month and everything makes him just scream and meltdown. Is this normal?

Gift policies

What is your gift policy with you family/kids?

Toddler sleep problems

My son is 18 months and until this week slept like a champ. He loved getting in his crib at night. This week that all changed he now screams when I shut the door to his room and put him in his crib. What should I do? We don’t believe in cry it out. Is he ready for a toddler bed for more independence?

18 month sleep regression

My son is 18 months and suddenly started sleeping terribly. He screams at bed time which is unlike him and wakes up a lot at night. Normal?


Looking for fun arts and crafts for a 1.5 year old. It’s gettin too cold to be outside much.

Decline in eating

My 18 month old has decided he doesn’t really want to eat much anymore. He used to eat anything you put in front of him. Have other parents experienced this? What did you do?


My son is 1.5 and has been vomiting a few times over the last 2-3 hours. He is resting now but what can I do to help him feel better?

Finding a babysitter

My son is 1.5 and we have no family nearby. I am looking for a sitter so we can have a few nights out here and there. Any suggestions on how to find a good sitter that I can trust?

Flying with a toddler

Any good snack idea when traveling on a 4 hour flight with a toddler?

Potty training books

We are looking for books to read about potty training. Any suggestions?

Potty training

We are thinking of starting potty training for my 18th month old and was wondering what everyone used? Potty chair, seat for your toilet , or the seat with steps?

Birth control

I had the nexplanon (arm implant) placed in at my 6 weeks post partum appt. I have now stopped breastfeeding and am having constant weeks long periods. Doctor said it was time to think about a different type of birth control since this one was messing up my hormone levels to much. Never loved taking the pill everyday. What did you decide to do for birth control?


At what age should your child start going to the dentist ?

Babysitting cost

What is the normal rate for babysitters?

Hand foot and mouth

My sons daycare had a case of hand foot and mouth last week and now he has it. It’s really mild just a few bumps and some grumpiness and no fever. What worked for helping your kids recover?

First postpartum period

I had my son a little over a year ago and stopped breastfeeding recently and have just gotten first first period since I got pregnant. It seems worse then I remember pre pregnancy. Tips, advice ?


I have a one year old and work full time. I have problems finding time for myself at all. Anyone have problems finding some kind of balance? Any tips?

Separation anxiety?

My one year old will not let me be set him down and walk away even across the room. He just cries. Is it separation anxiety? How can I help him move past it? Also he grabs onto my shirt if I try to let anyone else hold him. This momma is tired 😴

My baby is getting ready to turn one. How much cows milk is your 1 year old drinking and when , what else are they drinking besides milk?

We had tubes put in in January and my 11 month old is still having ear infections. Anyone have any experience with this? What worked for you?

My baby is crawling really well now and is wanting to pull everything off our low tv stand. Anyone find a gate or other way to keep your little one from getting to the electronics?

My son is so stimulated at daycare he doesn’t nap. He comes home and is asleep for the night by 5:30. I would really like to see him after work. Is their any way to get him to nap at daycare?

My 8 month old has started rocking on his knees in his crib at night instead of sleeping. Any suggestions for him to get a more restful night sleep or do we just have to wait it out till he learns to crawl?

Tips for going from bottle to sippy cup. My 8 month old just chews on the spout till water comes out then spits it out lol. He then proceeds to throw it in the floor most the time. What worked for your kids?

Need some advice on baby colds. My 7 month old has been congested for about a month or so. We have tried everything. Nasal spray, crib wedge, humidifier, Vick’s baby rub. He’s also been to the doctor several times when it keeps coming back and they say it’s just a cold. He’s not sleeping and we’re not sleeping. Any suggestions?

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